1. Save Water by Flow Control

Save Water by Flow Control is a very unique and latest trick which, will provide the result Automatically.

in Daily life, we are habitual to Open the tap on full level at the time of Washing Hand & Mouth.

In actual, we do not need to have such amount of Water which discharges at full level of Water Tap.

Area Under Wash Basin

To Control the flow of Water, there are one or two Valves under all Wash Basins

Many of us do not notice and keep it on @ High flow Setting level means fully open.

This will create access Water flow from Tap, and results in to wastage of water.

Open the Tap at full level and set the Valve as per required quantity of Water.

It will save water Automatically, and on daily basis with just your little effort and awareness.

You can see here, what amount of water can be saved in Faucets & Appliances

2. By using Auto Sensing Faucets

Auto Sense Faucet

With this technology, you need to Spent some money, as it will save Water for entire life

Faucets like Water Tap, Shower, are available in Market at very competitive rate

You can visit below and decide to have water Saving with such technology.

Such Faucets are equipped with the sensor which catches the Movement under the Tap or Shower

It is equipped with Auto Motion Sensor, which sense Movement around it.

It is being used in Hotels, Restaurants, Schools, Offices, Corporate Sectors, and in New Constructing residential buildings too.

3. By Appliances.

Appliances also help us to Save Water

We all use Water Purifier RO, Washing Machine, Laundry Machine, Dish Washing Machine in our daily needs, It uses quantum of water.

Here, we should check Water Saving Appliances feature, while Purchasing it.

Here,we take an example of RO.

During the water purification process, Normal Water Purifier RO waste 80% of Water and purifies only 20% water,

This converts in to water wastage.

RO Water

KENT has come to a solution and introduced a New Model

Kent Supreme Plus recovers 50% of water and Save in comparison to Ordinary water Purifier.

If you are planning to purchase RO, I would suggest you to go with above

With this blog, I have tried to put focus on water saving techniques through Faucets and Appliances.

Hope for your comments and suggestions.

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