1. Save Water in below Routine Activities

While Shaving

While Shaving

We all have habits to do above process daily, frequently, we forget to turn off water tap while, brushing. This creates Water Wastage.

While Brushing Teeth

While Brushing

It is one of our routing activity, which we all carry at least once a day, if we close the tap while brushing, we can save plenty of Water.

2. Save Water by use of Shower in place of Bath

Use Shower

Use Shower

We should use Shower in place of Bath tub. Showers converts the water in small drops, which covers our full body while standing under the running shower. If possible, try to have shorter duration Shower.

Avoid Bath

Avoid Bath Tub

In Bath Tub, water is filled up at full level, to take a Bath. Its almost 8 to 10 times higher than water required to complete one bath with use of shower. This way can save very big amount of water.

3. Put Heavy Bottle inside of Flushing tank.

Put A water Bottle

Take 1 Litre Bottle, fill up it with sand by 80% and water by 20%, keep it in flushing tank of Toilet. By this the Water Tank Level will come up by 1 litre and We can Save 1 litre Water per Flush on daily basis. 

Flushing Tanks discharges water more than requirement during flush operation, with this we can save at least 100 litres of water per person every month. This will reduce the Water bill also.

4. Wash Fruits & Vegetables in one Bucket rather separate Washing

Fill up bucket with Fruits or Vegetables and wash them all together, in place of washing them separately one by one. By this Water Will be Saved as well as Fruits & Vegetables will get moreover clean and hygienic compare to washing one by one.

Wash fruits collectively to save water
Save Water
Below are some more ideas, which can save more Water in daily life activities.
  • Keep an Empty Bucket while taking a shower.
  • Plant trees by Water Ken.
  • Wash Cars through Water Bucket in place of spray.
  • Keep Eyes on Water Meter, to have an idea of abnormality in Water usage.
  • Half filled water bottle to be use for other Cleaning or Gardening Purpose.
  • Use Proper Channel to Collect Discharge of AC and then use for other cleaning or gardening purpose.
  • Take Water in Glass as per requirement or thrust.
  • Serve water with water bottle or Water Jug & Glass, so other can use it as per requirement.
  • RO Water Discharge for Mopping and other cleaning purpose.
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