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Save Water

Hello Water Friend,

In daily life, all of us use and all should think “HOW TO SAVE WATER”.

We all might aware on below figures which indicates present phase of Water on Earth.

  1. OCEAN – 97%
  2. Ice Caps & Glaciers – 2.5%
  3. Rivers, Lake,Ground Water – 0.5%

It is found that, after 2025, there will be a huge shortage of Water on Earth, because we all are wasting it in daily life by different methods. If its not considered seriously, we may have to face a big trouble as well as very high shortage of Water on Earth, and that will be uncontrollable stage then.

We all have to think on saving of Water which has became a crucial demand now a days. As there will be a high crisis of shortage in upcoming future, if we really do not think on water saving seriously.

I want to highlight some assured techniques, by which you can do it in daily life, which will bring enough saving of water in your life as well as habit some good practices too.

These are some thoughts and ideas, which will save plenty of water in your daily life and after referring this website, surely you will start to do it, so pl refer this site pages and give your valuable comments.

I have tried here to put some thoughts by which we all can implement Water Saving habits in our daily life and contribute in a Noble Cause so requesting you to go though it and implement it in your daily routing life.

Below are some ideas though which you can save more and more water.

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