How do I reduce my Water Usage

Here with this article – How do I reduce my Water Usage – we will discuss on all the tricks and tips so that you can reduce the usage of water effectively and freely.

We all use water in our daily life and where we waste it knowingly or unknowingly, as we just use water as a media and not as a critical need of life.

Once we think on this direction, we can save plenty of water in our daily life.

Below are some unique and free way by that you can reduce the usage of water in your daily life.

1. Use separate Tumbler to reduce water usage

Shaving and Brushing are our one of essential activities which we do frequently or every day.

Generally, we do shave and brushing near to our wash basin, as it is very near to the water tap and we can easily turn the water tap ON / Off as per our requirement.

Use tumbler to reduce water usage

Here, we need to change the method only, and we can reduce the water usage.

Sometimes, we forget to turn the water tap off, when we apply shave on our face or toothpaste on our teeth, at this time we do not need any water but the water keeps flowing from the water tap.

Just use a tumbler or any other pot which we you need to fill up with the water before shaving or brushing.

with this method you can just keep the water tap off when its not needed and you are going to use the water amount which is required exactly and you can reduce your water usage.

Again, if you think, saving of one day only, its not a huge quantum, but if you think on day over day and month over month, in fact if you make it as a practice you can reduce a big quantity of water usage which you are wasting unnecessary.

Just try to finish the brushing or shaving process with the amount of water you have in your tumbler, with it you will optimize the water use and can have good habit which lead you to reduce a huge quantum of water saving and at last you can save on your water bill too.

2. Use Normal Fresh water for bath

When we talk of bath with water, we can think two way one is with hot water bath and another is Normal water bath.

We need to think on this topic too, if want to reduce the water usage.

Generally, we all uses hot water and we get it through electric geyser or an electric heater.

Both of above equipment boil the water and raise the temperature of water by Gas or electricity and you get hot water for your bath specially needed in winter season.

While boiling process of water, some amount of water gets evaporated (Vapoured) in the atmosphere which you are not going to get back, so the water input and out put of geyser or heater is not same and some what amount is reduced at out put.

Of course, the water evaporated get in the atmosphere and will come back on earth when it gets to a normal temperature but along with dust and other durbish.

Now, you have paid the water bill for the water which you fed inside the heater but you are getting less water at the out put and what ever the amount of water reduced in boiling process that you have to make up while bath, and we are doing it too.

Now, if we use normal water for bath, no any make up or top up is required and we use the water effectively and can save the water which we lose in evaporation process.

Note, it is not intend that you should not use hot water, but you need to limit the use of hot water and if possible use very less hot water and if required you can avoid it too for bath.

3. Do not play games with Water

Games are a crucial part of our functions and parties to spread happiness and positive energy.

Sometimes, we use water to play different kind of water games or we play water as a game at our home, which we should avoid.

Avoid water play to reduce water usage

There are plenty of games available in the market, which you can enjoy with.

Many times it is observed that kids also play with water and just throw it to each other and enjoy while bath, which you should avoid as if you do not stop them it will be a habit for them and your water usage will also increase.

You will not believe but when you play with water at home, you will get a joy but waste a high amount of water as it flows on ground or in drain after your game play.

For joy, you can chose many other games too, but if possible do not play with water just for an enjoyment when you can find out other way for it.

Here are best games which you can enjoy without water.

4. Do not Wash Vehicles Every day

Many of us has habit to wash vehicles every day or we just hire a third party who wash our vehicles.

If vehicle is washed every day, you are wasting water as vehicles not became dirty every day.

You can make a plan or schedule for vehicle cleaning or you can wash it weekly once or twice as per your requirement.

When you wash vehicle every day, you may have to face one more issue of rust too, as vehicle made of steel material.

Let say for example, you are washing your vehicle every day and now you have decided to wash it alternative day, as per your need.

Now you are reducing the water usage of one day per wash cycle.

Like this you can decide and reduce the your total water use.

5. Optimize the MOP water

We do Mopping every day in our home.

Sometimes we over use the water while mopping.

Effective mopping to reduce water usage

While mopping, take care to top up or make up the New water only when its required.

It is observed that, we completely change the mop water when we change the room while mopping although its not required.

This is wrong practice, no need to do it, change the mop water when you see and fill that now its finally required to change water.

Also ensure mopping water do not get over flow as you have top up that quantity which is already over flowed.

With this practice, you will reduce your water usage and also will save your energy which spent unnecessary to change the water frequently.

And at last, you will save on your water bill too.

Here are some MOP which is best for water saving purpose.

6. Rain Bath

This is a small factor to consider but can reduce your water usage.

When rain is out side and your are taking bath in your bathroom, is not a good decision.

This way you are losing two sides, one is the happiness or bath in rain and another is miss to use free water.

Yes, rain water is completely free and if you use it as a bath, you can reduce the personal usage of water.

This will not fit to every body, but when ever and where ever this option is available you should definitely use it.

Rain water is also good for health too, as it keeps your body heat away and keep you healthy and delighted.

So suggested, when ever you get a chance of rain bath, just grab it and enjoy.

7. Check home appliances frequently

We all use home appliances like Refrigerator, Air Conditioner, Water Purifier, Washing Machine daily and all of these appliance use water for functioning.

All home appliances runs well and with full efficiency if we maintain and do regular servicing them.

Here, we should also note, to check home appliances for any leakage too while servicing.

As if leak is there and we keep using appliance, it will consume more and more water.

We also chose the water saving home appliances while purchasing them.

It will give you one time investment but will serve you for life time with less water consumption.

This way we can reduce the water usage in our daily life through home appliances.

7. In Conclusion – How I reduce my water usage

Hope, will this article you will have better idea on how to reduce water usage.

There may be some missing points too, about which we may not aware.

Also you can contact us in addition.

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