How to Save water at Home Appliances

As a human being we all get tired due to higher work load and we all uses different kind of appliances to reduce our tiredness and enhance our life like, washing machine.

We use appliances to leave healthy life style too, like Water Purifier, Water Cooler, Washing Machine, Air Conditioner etc.

Water is the part of all these appliance in our daily life and we all waste very high quantity of water knowing or unknowingly.

In this article, we will highlight some very useful methods to save water in Appliances.

1. Water Purifier

RO Systems basically, purify water through some filtration process.

We all uses it in our home or office or in shop on daily basis and get purified water.

But, do you know to clean the one glass of water, RO takes almost double of the water.

If you take total 3 glass water and feed in to the RO System, it will deliver the water of 1 glass in form of cleaned water and 2 glass in form of unclean water in form of drain.

Here, we can save plenty of water, if we think wisely and use the drain water effectively for below purposes.

Planting TREE

We can save water by using the drain water to plant trees rather allowing it to discharge in to the drainage.

For this, you can connect RO drain directly to your garden or you can put empty bucket under the drain of RO.
This way you can save the water and plant trees regularly, without any reminders.

Plant tree to save water in appliances

Washing Clothes

Washing cloth is one of daily activities specially for house wife, where she uses normal water.
But if you wash the clothes with RO drain water, you will get more cleaning with less hard work.
Basically, the drain water is hard and contains some solid particles, which can be useful to remove dirt and stains from your clothes.
This way, you can save water and your hard work too.


Mopping is also a one of daily activity for house wife, they can put an empty bucket and put the drain pipe in it.
One the bucket gets full, they can use that water for mopping purpose.
On the other hand, hard water will be helpful to clean the floor easily and with less work.


Cleaning Dishes

Dish Cleaning

RO drain water can be used to clean dishes also.
As said above, due to its hardness the water will be helpful to you to clean your dishes easily.

Also, when you plan to purchase RO, think on its water saving ability.

Means many RO filters maximum water and drain less water, which save high quantity of water.

Here some best RO provided which can clean the maximum water and drain minimum water in comparison of ordinary Water Purifier.

2. Washing Machine

Who is not aware about washing machine ?

We use it every day to clean and dry our clothes with very les efforts.

Generally, washing machine intake very Hugh quantity of water to wash our clothes, which many people do not aware.

We use it on daily basis as well as when ever required to wash clothes we just switch on the machine.

Rather, we wash our clothes in less quantity, we should load the machine fully with clothes which can save very high quantum of water.

Washing machine to save water in appliances

Washing machine uses a fresh quantity of water for every cycles.

When we use our washing machine frequently to wash very small quantity of clothes, it take fresh quantity of water for every cycles.

therefore, if we wash our clothes collectively, we can save plenty of water.

We can wait also if the required quantity of clothes are not collected and when we can make full load we can run the machine.

This way, there are many benefits.

  • The main benefit, Saving of Water.
  • Time saving as all clothes washes together.
  • Saving of Electricity as you can save many washing machine cycles.
  • Washing machine can operate at full efficiency so it can increase life of machine too.

2. Air Conditioner

Air Conditioner work on the principle of heat transfer.

When, hot air from the room gives its heat to the gas inside the pipes of evaporator in air conditioner, our room gets cool.

There are fans fixed around evaporator which sucks the hot air from the room and blow it on the cold pipes of evaporator.

In this process, the air on the surface of evaporator pipes gets cooled and get converted in water drops.

This water drops are drained with the means of pipe.

We can save this water, if we connect the drain pipe of air conditioner to our garden or to any other source where water is required.

We can use this drain water for the purpose of Mopping, Cloth Washing or dish washing too.

By this way the fresh water will be saved as we are using the drain water of air conditioner in place of fresh water.

Additionally, this is free technique and you can implement it very easily.

In Conclusion - How to Save water in home appliances

With this blog on “How to Save water in appliances”, we tried to focus on saving water from mechanical sources which we uses in our daily life in form of home appliances.

There may be still lot of more ways on water saving in appliances, about which we do not aware, and if you can inform us in form of comments, we can cover it here.

Hope for your comments and suggestions.

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