How to save Water Pollution

One of the reason of water shortage on this earth is increasing water pollution, as we spoil the water by different means and replace it with the clean water which we need in our daily life. So we should think on How to save on water pollution now.

In this blog, we will check all aspect of How to Save Water Pollution.

There are many ways to save water from being spoiled, but here we will consider some major and important aspects which are main reasons of water pollution and how we can control it.

1. Improve Daily Household Habits

We do use water in our 80% of daily work, where we wash clothes, brush teeth, use toilet, clean floors & pots, drink and so many other activities.

We never think about this aspect, where we knowingly or unknowingly taking part in increasing water pollution.

How to save water pollution

All of us use different kind of other items too, which might mix with water.

like, while cooking we use many ingredients, and we just wash out some of them in drain.

Sometimes, we use toilet flush as a drain of household chemicals or cleaning agents, which also increase the water pollution.

Many peoples flush powder medicines, liquids, pills or drugs etc down the toilet.

After MOP, we usually drain the dirty water in to the drainage.

We should consider all these points and take actions to do all these activity such as water does not spoil more.

  • Use filters in kitchen sink
  • Always use dustbin for bad medicines, pills or drugs
  • Use MOP water for gardening purpose
  • Keep regular servicing of water appliances
  • Never use dangerous chemicals only for cleaning purpose
  • Install a water efficient toilet
  • Take Minimum amount of detergent to wash clothes

2. Controlled Use of Pesticides in Farming

We all are aware that farmers uses pesticides to keep insects away from his crop.

But when this pesticides mixes with the water is spoil the water, and increase the water pollution.

Here its not intend that, pesticides should not be used.

Use pesticides in very minimum amount so to reduce the water pollution as best as possible.

Also these pesticides are harmful for health too and it increase the land pollution too.

These pesticides mixed with the water and flows in to the river and pollute river water.

This will be harmful for those human beings and animals too, who are drinking water from that river.

So, we should control the use of pesticides and other fertilizers which contains very harmful chemicals.

3. Water Accumulation

We observe frequently, water is accumulated in many ways rather wanted or unwanted.

Specially in rainy season, we observe it and sometimes we store water for our usage too.

But if the water is accumulated for a longer time, it will spoiled and create water pollution.

Save water pollution by preventing water accumulation

we should ensure that, the water is not accumulated at one place for a longer time.

It is a thumb rule of a Nature that “Flowing water is Smiling water”

Means, sometimes you observed that when you see the flowing water it seems that it is smiling at us.

I don’t know whether you felt it or not, but I feel it every time when I see flowing water.

And this is true also, if the water is flowing, it is the clean water and keep us smiling too while drinking that clean water.

We should take care of below points to prevent accumulation of water.

  • Proper drainage in our society for rain water
  • Prevent storage of unnecessary water
  • Keep roads flat and without any pit
  • Regular servicing and cleaning of overhead water tanks
  • Proper drainage systems in home

4. Maintain Vehicles

All of us are using vehicles every day for different purpose to reach from one place to another and for transportation purpose too.

Also, all of us knows that, vehicles creates Air Pollution by releasing Carbon Dioxide in the Atmosphere as they use fuel to operate.

But have you ever think, that vehicles can create Water pollution too ?

If we do not maintain our vehicles and do not servicing them regularly, its efficiency will decrease and release more and more toxic gases in to the atmosphere.

These gases mixes with the air and pollute it.

While at the time of raining these gases get condensed and convert in to the solid particles and fall down on the earth along with rain water in mixed form.

Now this polluted water will mix in to the clean water in sea or in river on the earth.

You might noticed that, the first rain of the season always gives the dirty water drops, which is the mixed gas particles and other impurities which mixed up with the air.

So if we regularly maintain our vehicles it will release very less gas in the atmosphere at the time of exhaust from silencer of vehicle.

We can now increase use of Electric Vehicle too.

This way we can reduce Air + Water Pollution.

5. Use Less Plastics

Plastic is one of the major challenges when we consider at destroy point of view.

As if it is fired, it will create air pollution and if it stored under the ground, it will create land pollution.

So we can say once plastic is produced, it can not be destryed.

Reduce plastic use to save on water pollution

That’s why many states and governments are prohibiting use of plastic.

We also should control the use of plastic in our daily life.

When ever we need to use plastic, we should just think on how we can replace it with other sources.

Like, we can use paper bags in place of plastic bags, we can use steel bottle in place of plastic bottles.

Plastic if fired it will release toxic gases which mixed up in the air and falls down on earth along with rain water when gets condesed.

Plastic if stored for a longer time, it will create chemical reactions with water and pollute it.

So, we can control the use of plastic or just not use the plastic if possible, to reduce the water pollution and to save on other pollutions like Air & Land.

In Conclusion – How to save water pollution

Hope, will this article you will have better idea on how to reduce water pollution.

There may be some missing points too, about which we may not aware.

Also you can contact us in addition, if you want to provide any input and want me to mark up that point on this website.

So that, other also can understand your thinking and we can save as much as water ensuring no any idea left to save water.

Thank you so much to read this article up to here.

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