How to Save Rivers

We all know that, small ponds, canals and little water pots make a river and many rivers make an Ocean, so we should think on how we can save rivers.

We all need to think in this direction today, as we all are polluting rivers knowingly and unknowingly.

Finally this cause to reduction of total quantity of clean water on earth.

No ocean water is drinkable, as we all aware about this and we can not clean an entire ocean too.

We can keep our rivers clean and prevent the water spoiling in rivers.

Today, if we don’t think in direction, we may face a big shortage of water.

Rivers are the main source of clean water on earth.

Below are some crucial points which we all need to take in consideration.

1. Good Habits at Home

Yes friends, we should follow good habits at our home as it can be one of reason of water spoiling in rivers.

let me explain it to you, one of our bad habit is to do not use dustbin, even some of people do not keep dustbins at their home.

They just throw garbage on road and in open spaces, some times it convert to a big pile.

This create air pollution as well as health issues to the human passing there by.

Here we are talking about water, once we throw garbage on road or on an open space, any how it reaches to rivers directly or it come in contact the water source.

Good habit to save river

Now, the water coming in contact of this garbage, will get spoiled and this will spoil the water

this will be added to river finally and the river get spoiled.

Just think, the quantity of home on this earth and many people living there has such bad habit.

On the other side, if we keep dustbin at our home, the garbage will be collected in well manner

And this garbage can be destroyed or shifted to a suitable space with the help of garbage trucks that our government provide to us.

This way we can reduce the spoiled water to get in to the river and can have more and more clean water.

In addition, with this habit, we can keep our environment and society clean too.

2. Good Habits while Travelling can Save Rivers

Almost we all love to travel from one place to another and one country to another.

We enjoy fully while travelling but we all sometimes miss to follow good habits during our travel.

One of our bad habit can be a cause of water or river spoiling on the earth.

Knowingly or unknowingly we throw garbage on road from running vehicle or just walking on road.

In addition, this garbage may mix to the water and the water get spoiled.

At the end, this spoiled water will get in to the river one day and add on to the river spoiling.

Some time we pass away from the river or we swim or bath in river.

This time we observed many people spit in the water which spoil the water and finally the river.

If we get in to good habits while travelling we can save our rivers from spoiling and from eliminating from earth gradually.

3. Industrial Practices

This is one of biggest reason of rivers elimination from this earth.

Many Industries just dump or drain their polluted fluids or garbage or process wastage directly in to the canals or in water pots.

Industries to save river

This canals reaches to the river at end, ultimately polluted stuffs get in to the river.

If Industry owner control their process to minimize wastages, so as to have both way benefit.

One is their process efficiency and another is river spoilage will be reduced.

Also, they can establish a system where they can destroy or store their process wastages and other polluted fluid.

This is the biggest step where we can think on, as here waste is directly getting mixed in the river and pollute the water.

Once this will be implemented, our rivers will be saved and we will get more and more clean water.

In Conclusion – How to save Rivers

Hope, will this article you will have better idea on how to save rivers.

There may be some missing points too, about which we may not aware.

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