How to save water by Faucets

In this article we are going to learn about “How to Save water by Faucets”

Before we move ahead, we all need to be familiar with the word “Faucet”

The system or equipment which transfer or draws the fluid such as water, oil, grease or any other fluid, are commonly known as Faucets.

With this article, we will talk about Water faucets only.

Below are some unique methods through which you can save plenty of water in your daily life.

1. Fix Leakage and Save Water

Do you know we waste very high quantity of water through leakages in pipes or Water taps.

Leakage seems very small in quantity when we see it, but if it kept continue to leak, it may create a big waste of water.

Leak-save water by faucets

If we fix this leakages time to time we can save a huge quantum of water every day collectively.

Here we should think on Saving of water rather saving of money as some people are ignoring leakage only because they do not want to buy a new tap sometimes.

We can fix leakages by fixing taps, or applying locktite or by replacing the leak tap.

Its not about only tap, its about pipes or buckets or pots too.

when ever we see leak, we should stop or fix it on immediate level. As you delay the fixing, the water will continue to leak from the tap and you will lost that water.

Below are some good habits or technique through which you can overcome the leakage issue and save as much quantity of water.

  • Periodically maintenance of Water taps.
  • Maintain Water pipes periodically.
  • Check buckets and other water accumulating accessories for leakage.
  • Train family members to stop leak immediately when they observe it.
  • Keep leak taps or Loctite in stock just like as First Aid Box.

2. Save Water by Replacement

As a human nature, we always thinks on things get repaired or fixed first in place of replacement.

Nothing is wrong in this thinking too, we should as if we can get things repaired, why we should replace that one and invest money unnecessarily on new one ?

Sometimes, we thinks in this line, but there is a specific life of each equipment or faucets, after which they start malfunctioning or give you operations with trouble.

We should replace that faucets immediately once we observe that, its life is finished now.

If we do not act at the right time and replace that finished faucet, very soon it will start leaking or sometimes it may broke too and you might be in very tough sitution.

As if the faucet break suddenly, it causes very high water flow and you can not stop it immediately until you stop it from the valve on main pipe delivering the water.

Rather taking all this risk, we should replace faulty or finished faucets with considering above possibilities, this way we can contribute from our self to save some water.

3. Save Water by Flow Control

Flow Control is a very unique and latest trick which, will provide the result Automatically.

Save water by Faucets

in Daily life, we are habitual to Open the tap on full level at the time of Washing Hand & Mouth.

In actual, we do not need to have such amount of Water which discharges at full level of Water Tap.

To Control the flow of Water, there are one or two Valves under all Wash Basins

Many of us do not notice and keep it on @ High flow Setting level means fully open.

This will create access Water flow from Tap, and results in to wastage of water.

Open the Tap at full level and set the Valve as per required quantity of Water.

It will save water Automatically, and on daily basis with just your little effort and awareness.

You can see here, what amount of water can be saved in Faucets & Appliances

4. Auto Sensing Faucets

We all are living now with technology and we all uses and get benefits from technology.

Here, we can save water too, with the help of technology.

Auto sensing faucets are equipped with the in built sensor, which will sense our hand movement.

When we keep our hand under the tap, the sensor gives the signal to tap to allow water and when we remove our hand signal breaks and water stops automatically.

Here, you have to invest some money to buy such kind of faucets, but it will provide you the ease, style and most important saving of water.

The main advantage of such faucets is if someone keeps water tap ON and in parallel carry some activity like brushing, shaving or talking, the water will stop automatically once you move your hand away from the Water tap.

Many offices, hotels, shops, malls are equipped with such faucets and saves water automatically on daily basis.

In Conclusion – How to Save Water by Faucets

With medium of this blog, we tried to provide you more and more tips and tricks on saving of Water through Faucets.

Hope you will implement it and take active participation in saving water.

Will love your comments and thoughts about this article.

You can also Contact us if you still think some crucial information is missed to share in this article.

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