How to Save water by Preventing Overflow

We can Save Water through preventing it overflowing too.

Just think, 

The overhead water storage tank is the best way to Conserve or to store the Water and use it when ever required. 

But have you ever think, if the Water tank itself create the waste of water, then what is the solution.

Here are some of Solutions as per below.

Save water by preventing overflow

1. Apply Overflow Alarm System

We all have overhead water tanks to store and conserve the water and to use it when ever required.

Generally water tanks deliver the water to your home, office or shop or at anywhere using the head which is generated by the height of the place where the water tank is placed or fixed,

Water is supplied to the water tank by a water pump from the ground level to generate the head.

When  water reaches inside the water tank it gets head due to the height of place where the water tank is placed.

Now, as per low of motion, once the valves are opened on the water tank, the water flows down towards the ground level.

Alarm System to save water from preventing orverflow

Once the water is being supplied to the water tank through the water pump, water is filling gradually in the tank.

Once the water tank get fully filled with Water, the pump still runs ON.

Water pump has not been informed to stop as the water tank is full now.

Here, we can apply an Alarm system

It will warn us by siren, to stop the water pump and save the water from overflow.

We can save very high quantum of water, if we apply this technique

We can not judge the water tank level due to its height.

But if we apply alarm system, 

we can get the signal in form of voice command and we can stop the water pump and save water from overflowing.

2. Shut off Valve near the Water Pump

This is normal solution, which all applies while installing a water system.

Think of one situation, 

where you hear an alarm for water overflow and you are near to the pump but away from control switch of the water pump.

Here the shut off valve, can be used.

You can immediately close the valve and stop the water overflowing from the overhead tank.

After that, you can switch off the electrical switch of water pump to prevent the pump from any mechanical damages.

You can apply auto shut off system on water pump too.

Shut off valve will also be useful in case of any maintenance activity on water pump.

It will prevent the processed water going inside the water tank.

So, the shut off valve will save the water as well as facilitate you with maintenance activity of pump.

3. Float Valve inside the Water Tank

Float Valve is one of the best way to save water automatically.

It is a mechanical valve which is fitted inside the water tank, 

It will stop the water inlet once the water tank is filled up fully with the water.

One end of the valve is being fixed on the water tank wall or on top.

Another end is kept floating on the air inside the water tank.

When water tank start filing up with the water, 

the float valve gets float on the water and came up side with the water level.

float valve to prevent the water orverflow

Now, the valve is designed such a way that, 

once the water tank reaches near to the full water level, the ball of the float valve get exactly at the inlet pipe opening of the water tank.

So, the ball of the valve will cove the inlet of water tank, hence the water stops delivering more in side the water tank.

This way, you can save plenty of water without any effort and automatically.

Only you need to ensure,

the valve work properly or not and for that you have maintain the water tank properly and regularly.

Here its to be noted that, if you save water with this methods you will also get benefited.

The electricity bill of the water pump also get decreased as it will be stopped running unnecessarily while water gets overflow.

In Conclusion - How to Save water by Preventing Overflow

With this article, you can get some ideas to save water flowing unnecessarily.

Additionally, you can save on your electricity bill too as explained in above sections and get your money saved which is one kind of waste due to water overflow.

Out of above, there may be lots of ways to save water, which I may not aware and not included in this Blog – , “How to save water by preventing overflow”.

I would love to hear from all of you about more saving ideas on this concept and will look forward to have more on more suggestions and comments in line to this topic.

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