Save Water at School


You can save Water at School with below ideas

Water Fountain

Water Fountain

Turn the Water fountain off during day time


When you see any leak or any fault at water tap, stick a tag on it for NOT OK

inform to teacher

Inform to teacher

Tell to your teacher if you find any leak or Water tap closing issue

Fix A Day

Fix a day every month to practice ideas on saving water

wash hands

Turn off Water Tap

Turn the water off while applying soap to wash hands

School Notice Board

Show Case Ideas

Make Projects on different ideas on Save Water and showcase it on School Notice board

Wash Hand separately

Wash Hand on Hand Washing Tap

After lunch, don't wash the hand with fresh drinking water and use water for washing hands


Use Container

Wash all tooth brushes in one Container and all together



Apply slogans on water saving on schoo notice boards, as well as on walls in form of sticker or banners

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